The End-point Assessment tests your knowledge, skills and behaviours gained during your training. It includes Knowledge Tests, a Practical Task Observation, and a Professional Discussion and it can start as soon as you have finished all of your training and the EPA Gateway requirements have been met.

Assessments can be taken in any order. You will be able to have one attempt at each component. Should you fail any of the components you can retake them only when all components have been attempted, and a Fail grade has been recorded.

Your employer, supported by your training provider, will arrange your training as you develop your skills in the workplace. You must spend at least 20% of your normal working hours (6 hours per week) on off-the-job training.

The training and support given will vary between employers and training providers but could include: knowledge and practical training in a training centre or online; collection of evidence; and support with English and Maths.

Your training provider will carry out assessments and monitor your progress throughout your training, but none of this will go towards your final grade.

You will need to keep a log of progression, evidencing your development of knowledge, skills and behaviours and your annual reviews with your employer.

The log of progression will not be judged by your assessor. However, it will be used to guide the discussion and support you in demonstrating your progression.


Annually, arrange to meet with your employer and trainer and carry out a self review of your progress with the knowledge, skills and behaviours required to be a Heavy Vehicle Technician.

Your employer will confirm that you are ready to take the End-point Assessment and complete a Declaration and Consent form, which also needs signing by yourself and the training provider.

Your training provider will submit your Log of Progression and copies of your English and Maths certificates to Autoexel. Autoexel will check that they meet the requirements and approve you for the End-point Assessment.

This marks the end of your training and the beginning of your End-point Assessment.


Check that your training provider has your current email address and phone number.

Complete an Evidence Review Form. This will be used to help identify the evidence required and record its location.

Keep a copy of your Evidence Review Form and make sure that you have access to your portfolio.

Sign the Declaration and Consent form.

There are two Knowledge Tests – both with a time limit of 60 minutes:

  • Test 1 – Engineering
    • Part I – 5 safety critical questions
    • Part II – 30 questions on vehicle systems.
  • Test 2 – Wider
    • 35 questions on behaviours, health & safety, service inspection and tools & equipment.

The Knowledge Tests can be taken either at your training centre or remotely at any suitable location using a web link and camera.


  • Test 1 Engineering – you need to achieve a minimum of 60% in Part I and 80% overall to achieve a Pass
  • Test 2 Wider – you need to achieve a minimum of 80% overall to achieve a Pass

Autoexel have practice tests available which can be completed at any time and on completion of any of the tests you can download a Coaching Report, which shows your score for each topic.


Talk to your trainer and find out whether you are doing your Knowledge Tests in the training centre or remotely.

  • If you are doing them in the training centre >> Find out when
  • If you are doing them remotely >> Follow the online instruction to book the tests

Your Trainer will arrange your Practical Task Observations.

You will completed five 30–60 minute tasks over one day:

  1. A walk around a vehicle with the assessor and describe how to perform a safety inspection
  2. Inspect, diagnose and repair a chassis fault
  3. Inspect, diagnose and repair a driveline/transmission fault
  4. Inspect, diagnose and repair an electrical fault
  5. Inspect, diagnose and repair an engine fault

You will need to pass all five tasks to achieve an overall Pass grade, and you can achieve a Merit or Distinction by showing detailed logical diagnostic procedures in your job card write ups.


Talk to your trainer to arrange a suitable date for the Practical Task Observations.

The Professional Discussion is a structured discussion between yourself, your assessor and an engineering manager from another heavy vehicle workshop.

The discussion will centre around:

  • Behaviours and customer interaction
  • Learning, development and continuous self assessment
  • Responsibilities, maintenance and inspection schedules, and legal requirements

You can achieve a Fail, Pass or Distinction in the Professional Discussion.


Read through your evidence and the Evidence Review Form, completed at the EPA Gateway, to prepare for the discussion.

Talk to your trainer to arrange a suitable date for the Professional Discussion.

You will receive your results of the Knowledge Tests at the end of the test and the results of the Practical Task Observations and Professional Discussion will be emailed to you within 21 days.

When all three assessment methods have completed you will receive an overall grade, which will be determined by collective performance in the three assessment methods:

Assessment activity Potential grade Score
MCQ Engineering Pass / Fail Pass = 1
MCQ wider standard Pass / Fail Pass = 1
Observation Task 1 Pass / Fail Pass = 1
Observation Task 2 Pass / Fail Pass = 1
Observation Task 3 Pass / Fail Pass = 1
Observation Task 4 Pass / Fail Pass = 1
Observation Task 5 Pass / Fail Pass = 1
Observation Job card Write Ups Pass / Merit / Distinction / Fail Pass = 1
Merit = 2
Distinction = 3
Professional discussion Pass / Fail Pass = 1

Total score:

  • 0-8 points = Fail
  • 9 points = Pass overall
  • 10 points = Merit overall
  • 11 points = Distinction overall

If you feel that the assessment has not be carried out correctly then you have 31 days to submit an appeal.


If you do not receive your results within 21 days, contact

Your employer will need to agree that a retake is an appropriate course of action and you should receive a supportive action plan to prepare for the retake:

  • If you fail both the Practical Observation and the Professional Discussion the entire EPA must be retaken.
  • A maximum of three retakes on each assessment is permitted (total of 4 attempts).
  • You must wait a minimum of 1 month between Multiple Choice Exam retakes.
  • The maximum grade awarded to a retake will be a Pass.
  • If you have not achieved a Pass within six months of receiving the results the entire EPA must be retaken.


Talk to your employer to determine the best cause of action.

When you are ready to do the retake, arrange with your training provider for a Retake Form to be submitted to Autoexel.

We will apply for your certificate 31 days after you have been awarded your overall grade. Unless requested otherwise, the certificate will be delivered to your employer.


If you have not received your certificate within six weeks, contact

For further information regarding the apprenticeship standard and assessment plan, including the full details of the assessment methods, please see the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education website.