The following are possible grounds for an appeal against an End-point Assessment decision, this is not an exhaustive list:

  • Procedural or organisational irregularities in the conduct of an assessment
  • The assessment did not follow the assessment plan
  • Misleading information in relation to the assessment has been given
  • Insufficient or inappropriate instructions or guidance has been provided
  • Insufficient opportunity to be able to demonstrate competence has been provided
  • Application for special considerations

You have 31 days after the final overall End-point Assessment grade has been awarded.

Appeals can only be made by the apprentice wishing to make an appeal. If you wish to make an appeal against your End-point Assessment decision you should initially seek support from your training provider and employer in order to understand the appeals policy and process. This is an ideal time to discuss the reasons why you wish to appeal and if there are sufficient grounds to do so.

Full details of how to make an appeal are in our policies and procedures, or contact for an informal chat.

There are two possible outcomes of an appeal decision:

  • Uphold Grade Decision – Autoexel stands by the original decision made, stating the rationale for the apprentice.
  • Change Grade Decision – Autoexel changes the original decision made in light of new evidence being put forward, stating the rationale for the apprentice.