It is the training provider and employer’s responsibility to ensure that the apprentice is fully aware of the role of Autoexel as an End-point Assessment organisation, as well as the contents of the Appeals Policy should there be a need for an apprentice to appeal an End-point Assessment decision.

An appeal must only be made by the apprentice using the Autoexel appeals form. The appeal must be submitted by the training provider through ACE360 on the apprentice’s behalf. The appeals form and any relevant supporting evidence must be completed by the apprentice.

Appeal Process

  1. Apprentice completes Autoexel appeals form and provides any further supporting evidence to their training provider.
  2. Training provider submits appeal on behalf of an apprentice to Autoexel through ACE360 and uploads completed Autoexel appeals form and any further supporting evidence provided by the apprentice.
  3. Autoexel acknowledges receipt of appeal in writing to the apprentice within 5 working days using the Autoexel support ticket system. All further appeal correspondence will be via the Autoexel support ticket system with the apprentice.
  4. Autoexel investigates the appeal and will respond with the appeal decision in writing within 21 working days. In some cases the investigation process may take longer, in such instances Autoexel will contact the apprentice to inform them of the likely revised timescale.
  5. Apprentice acknowledges appeals decision and informs Autoexel in writing within 5 working days that they accept the appeal decision or that they wish to take the appeal further.
  6. Autoexel completes the appeals process by updating ACE360 with the appeal decision or refers the apprentice to the relevant external quality assurer.

There are two possible outcomes of an appeal decision:

  • Uphold Grade Decision – Autoexel stands by the original decision made, stating the rationale for the apprentice.
  • Change Grade Decision – Autoexel changes the original decision made in light of new evidence being put forward, stating the rationale for the apprentice.

Full details of how to make an appeal are in our policies and procedures.