These instructions only apply if you are carrying out your Knowledge Tests remotely. If you are not sure, then please ask your trainer.

The first step is to book them at Select the test for the apprenticeship Standard. We have two rooms available. If you choose ‘Any Room’ then you will have more options when it comes to the available slots. Other times than those listed are available on request. Please email for details.

On the day, you will need:

  • Photo ID – you will need to take Government Photo ID (eg driving licence, passport etc.) to all assessments
  • A laptop – the system does not work with a tablet or Chromebook
  • Camera, microphone and speakers/headphones

Enter in your browser and follow the instructions to download the app. You can test your system before the assessment takes place at

Best wishes with your assessments. Do not rush the questions. Read and consider all of the answers carefully before selecting your answer.